Paulina & Bart

Paulina and Bart, passionate about conscious upcycling and founders of the REC.ON brand, left their careers in Warsaw five years ago to start an eco-friendly lifestyle in Spain. They are building an ecological residence and art gallery, creating a community for people struggling with professional burnout and seeking meaning and inspiration in life. The initiative attracts travelers, remote workers (digital nomads) and mobile artists. REC.ON acts as a haven for people enthusiastic about going green in their daily lives, in accordance with the principles of conscious living.

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REC.ON Spain is an artistic and ecological residence with coliving rooms located in the 10-house village of Bolaimi, in the Sierra Maria Los Velez mountains of Andalusia, Spain. Since 2019, the project has been a pioneering example of revitalizing rural living spaces by integrating art, ecology, and respect for cultural heritage. The project includes a residence with rooms, a parking spot for travelers, a workshop studio, and a gallery in restored old and abandoned rural buildings.


The residence offers three individual and comfortable rooms, in a restored part of 100-year-old buildings with WIFI, heating.  Common spaces include a lounge-chillout room, a bathroom, and an exhibition and co-working studio. The residence also has a communal kitchen and dining room where meals are organized. Maximum number of residents at the same time: 6.


Our workshop is equipped with electricity, heating, lighting, and tools (both power and hand tools). We also have a storage area with recycled materials such as metal, wood, and fabrics. Located at the foothills of the mountains and near a seasonal river, we provide access to natural resources used by previous generations.


At the REC.ON residence we have an exhibition space of about 40 m2, on a daily basis it is a coworking and exhibition space, where workshop meetings are held with local artists and artisans, co-partnering with the project.


at the foot of the mountains is the perfect place for travelers, artists on the move, digital nomads and lovers of sustainable nature.

Save heritage andalusian living spaces

Save heritage andalusian living spaces

A creative friendly community

A creative friendly community

100-year old village,Bolaimi, Velez Rubio, Andalusia

100-year old village,Bolaimi, Velez Rubio, Andalusia


Eco & Art Residence

The entire project is created in the mission of sustainable design

Creative workspace

Place for work for: artist, writers, journalists, travelers, digital nomads

Permaculture garden

Garden with organic vegetables watered with rainwater from a gravity-fed irrigation system

Saving cultural heritage

As of 2019, it is a pioneering example in saving rural residential spaces

Green SPOT in the mountains

for those living and working remotely in their Vans

Bournout people

natural and positive energy place for people seeking meaning in life

Slow Holiday stays

Summer in authentic Andalusia, Spanish courses and real estate exploration in Los Velez area.


You are welcome! Join us and be a part of our community

Summer 2024 ! Welcome to REC.ON Spain

Looking for old house in Andalusia

Are you thinking about moving to Andalusia ? Do you want to buy or rent a property in Los Velez? Join us for a 1 week of exploration and discovery this region.

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Coliving & Artist Residency

This is an ideal environment for creative and entrepreneurial people. Meet new people, share ideas and realize your projects in the REC.ON creative community.

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Spanish course & Authentic Andalusia

For 7 days, learn Spanish, sightsee, eat and party all in authentic Andalusia.

The next course in July & August 2024 !

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