Paulina & Bartek

We are free spirited, bohemian hosts. Along with our two sons we’ve been building our life together, living true to our life values, and doing what we love. For the past 4 years, we’ve been creating REC.ON brand based on upcycling design.
Our next life project is ECO village in Spain.
In the tiny settlement Bolaimi near Velez Rubio, at the foot of the Sierra Maria los velez mountains, we bought a 200-year-old farm, where we wanted to create a perfect ECO village.

We invite you to the place where a busy world takes a pause and rests. A place where you can forget about the haste and stress of everyday life and be HERE and NOW. Surrounded by nature you can awaken your senses to its healing power and serene beauty. You’ll be refreshed by the taste of vegetables and herbs from our home garden, and figs and pomegranates hand picked from the trees in our orchard. You will enjoy all the objects that surround us at home and in the field which our friends and us  designed and created from local, natural recycled materials to give them their beautiful second life. We invite you to our place on earth, our dream come true oasis of happiness.  You’re always welcome!

Stay with Us

Our eco-village consists of several 3 double rooms in a renovated 200-year-old Andalusian village house parking lot situated at the foot of the mountains, with the beautiful view of the mountains. We offer spaces for campers and vans as well as camping sites. It is also possible to rent tents.

Whether you are traveling by motorhome, hitchhiking, flying, or taking a bus or a train we are happy to accommodate you even if you want to spend a single night with us. We’ll provide you with space that suits your needs. You will have a unique chance to experience and feel the climate of the old, authentic Andalusian countryside in a new ecological edition.

A mountain place under the tree - pomegranate fruit

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A mountain place under the tree - pomegranate fruit

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3 rooms in a renovated old Andalusian house

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3 rooms in a renovated old Andalusian house

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Mountain place under the tree - olive

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Mountain place under the tree - olive

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Mountain routes

Plenty of beautiful wide open space to hike, bike and explore

You and the Sun

Garden furniture made by us from recycled wood to enjoy the sun

Hammock Zone

We have a hammock zone in the vegetable garden and in various secret places with mountain views

Be present.. Here and Now

Close to nature … to meditate and be here and now

Places for tents

Living nature theater! Among the 200-year-old olive trees and above their heads just under the sky

Upcycling life

Recycling and closeness to nature is our whole mission and philosophy of life!

Permaculture garden

Garden with organic vegetables and herbs watered with well and rainwater

Feel the energy of the tree

Among the branches of a 200-year-old tree, a place of chill and meditation

Experience it

Our eco village is located in the valley of Sierra de María-Los Vélez mountain range, 6 km from a charming, 18th century Andalusian town, Velez-Rubio. Our spaces give the opportunity to rest in nature but also spark creativity and allow to meditate, be present in the moment, reflect, and look inside to find inner peace and calm, and connect with the surroundings. We invite you to relax in our upcycling tree house, a chillout zone with a view of the charming mountain peaks, or enjoy our beautiful vegetable, fruit and herb garden.  Activity lovers can enjoy a bike ride with a fantastic view of the entire Sierra Maria Los Velez, or hike many picturesque trails around. No matter what you choose to do, our very special natural shower under an almond tree will cool you off whenever you need to be refreshed. So will our eco tubs also made from the recycled materials. For the youngest we have a play corner with a slide also made from recycled materials. A nearby Rambla (periodic river bed) is a wonderful bicycle or walking route with natural streams to explore.

All created zones are our own ideas, designed and build together with friends and volunteers who stayed with us and who share our passion and love of nature. The project is open and ongoing. It’s organically developing and constantly in the process of creation since we started almost a year ago. We’ve been renovating the old house using natural methods, creating upcycling decor with modern design and installations. At the same time, we have been creating a permaculture garden as we try to be self-sufficient – without disturbing nature.

If you like to create, love and value nature, and if our values ​​are close to yours – we invite you to  join us any time and be a part of the our special life altering experience. We conduct design and garden workshops every day. We will inspire you and teach you how to creatively look at waste and give it a new life. We’re happy to offer and share our house and our conscious, honest and positive way of life with you, and can show you how to make it your reality.