Paulina & Bart

Eco Artists & Craftsmen enthusiasts of conscious UPCYCLING design. Free and faithful to their life values. For 8 years they have been creating REC.ON re.newed design brand.
Together with their two sons they have been living in Andalusia for 4 years, creating a life project: Artistic Residence & Living Gallery of Upcycled ART in Spain. Once residents of the dynamic city of Warsaw, they are now part of the local community in the Andalusian town of Velez Rubio and proud modern Hosts in the village of Bolaimi.

Stay with Us

Welcome to a unique eco-friendly Artist Residence “Casa REC.ON”and “Living Art Gallery in the UPCYCLED Mission”.

In restored 150 year old buildings we offer: a apartment for approximately 6 Residents (workshop spaces that we customize for individual).

Stay in an REC.ON Apartment: 30 EUR/person/night ( applications & reservations:

In “Gallery room” – located coworking place with space for remote work for Digital Nomads with router WIFI.

“Living Gallery” located at the foot of the mountains which includes specially prepared art installations. The installations made in Upcycling Design mission (recycled, recyclable objects and natural components) Guests can visit and use Eco design Instalations: summer kitchen with dining area, tree house, summer shower, sink, chill zones.

Entrance to the Gallery : 10 EUR/person/day (reservations:

Upcycle Design

Upcycle Design

Residency for Artist & Writers

Residency for Artist & Writers

At the foot of the mountains

At the foot of the mountains

show rooms gallery


Mountain routes

From the house: plenty of beautiful wide open space to hike, bike and explore

Chill Zone

We have a hammock area in the vegetable garden and in different places overlooking the mountain

Permaculture garden

Garden with organic vegetables and herbs watered with well and rainwater

Tree house - Art Installation

Among the branches of a 200-year-old tree we created an EKO unique Art Installation – a place like in a fairy tale.

Experience it

At the foot of the Andalusian mountains, a completely autonomous oasis of peace and conscious living has been created. Open to artists, writers, travelers, digital nomads people from all over the world, based on respect for nature and against waste. The unique project to create a Residence “Casa REC.ON”and Gallery of upcycled design, born out of a passion for nature, true ecology and good design. Unique installations for rainwater recovery and permaculture garden, completes the ecological vision of  place.

REC.ON Project Spain – is a place for creative and open-minded people! For unique people who want to share their passions and values. Artists, writers people from the world of culture, business and sport, curious about life, who in addition to relaxation and creative work, want to share their lives with others.

The whole of our area in or land  guests can admire and use  ART & ECO Installations prepared especially for them, such as: summer kitchen, tree house, hammock zone in the permaculture garden, eco shower, „summer bidons” with spring water. “Gallery room” is a coworking place, where you can work and create remotely. While staying, you can participate in the daily life of the village: help in the eco-garden, create natural bamboo structures and Upcycling DIY (creating useful items from waste). All this in the spirit of positive energy and a conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.

The immediate area is a paradise for those who appreciate nature, hiking and biking, picking wild herbs and fruits, visiting historic pueblos: Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco.